Siemens Typ RL 301 little wonder speakers

I’ve always been quite fond of seldom heard and seen, humble audio masterpieces… sometimes neglected stuffs nobody – but my mentor Nico Wilke, of course… –  is paying any attention.
This way, I’ve been able to stock a little, yet nice collection of speakers, mostly German-made with some French, Japanese, Dutch, British and American’s made.
If anyone is able to recognize the merits of a Goodmans’ Axiom 80 or a Philips 9710, only the most dedicated and passionate among us can go for these well kept secrets boxes.
Today I won’t unveil others, but the following:
Siemens Typ RL 301 – a two ways 565 x 265 x 180 boxes 4,5 ohm, 91 db/W/m using a 7” Philips AD 8065/W4 and a Philips AD 0160/T4 tweeter with a minimalist 1st order/6 db/octave crossover using precision Siemens paper in oil caps.

Yesterday, after some years of storage, I brought them in my studietto and took apart the Cabasses’, connecting them to the Partridge 300B monoblocks.

Cabasse Dinghy 221 are 98 db/W, while the Siemens’ are only 91 db/W, so I was prepared to some deficiency and audible shortcomings… I began with small scale, Piers Faccini’s disk, then some Gary Peacock/Ralph Towner double-bass/classical and 12 strings guitars…
What I heard was… musical, detailing and overall pleasure bliss!
These speakers are able to further refine the concept of high fidelity – i.e. trueness to timbre and harmonic richness of music.
The zestness of these humble, little Siemens’ is nothing less than A M A Z I N G, folks…
I’d really wish to share with most of my audio/music friends around my findings… sad but not so much I shared with my friends Flavio and Enrico, who both left my studietto as believers.
When things like the above (badly…) described eveniences happen, many doubts about the meaning of hi-end audio, hyped big bucks price-tags gears and the like come to my mind… and the final solution is, unsurprisingly, that ears come first!
Everything different – i.e. possession of salon-type, web and magazine hyped gears – is nothing but bull-shit!
I invite everyone to explore, dig and experiment with his own taste and sensitivity, unashamed and unafraid of being ridiculous or wrong.
‘nuff said.
Thanking for the Siemens’ pixies… too lazy to post my own;-)
Stefano Bertoncello