Skogrand Stravinsky flagship cables NEW

“Skogrand Stravinsky cables offer new levels of musical nuance, detail and definition with improved dynamics, speed, resolution and an image literally completely devoid of grunge and superfluous noise.”

You will experience increased realism and naturalness of voices and musical instruments. The dead silent background allows you to hear even the subtlest inner details of the music and to detect the unraveling of even the most complex passages with ease. The Stravinsky balances analytical detail and smoothness brilliantly and breathes life into any audio reproduction experience in ways that are more engaging and life-like than we thought possible.

Some of the enhancements compared to the up until now top model Beethoven:
  • 50% less polyolefin inner core heat shrink
  • New inner core framework structure re-invented from the ground up to further improve ease of use, maximize durability and with even more effective energy transfer.
  • 50% less Ultra Low K material touching the OCC solid core wires
  • Inner core structure further stabilized changing exchange links from fabric to Ultra Low K hard density material. This locks the placement of the OCC wire within the air dielectric space centralizing it perfectly throughout the cable run. It also secures that the dual lead wires maintain 100% constant distance under all conditions
  • Air dielectric percentage of total cable run increased from 98.9% to 99.45%