Solidair Audio Ukishima 15, heavy duty magnetic levitation feet

Solidair Audio, Ukishima 15, heavy duty magnetic levitation feet for hi-fi (Box of four 15Kg model for heavy hi-fi) are made from polished brass and stainless steel to accurate tolerances. They are designed to considerably reduce vibration in all hi-fi equipment. These are the non-adjustable feet, though you can buy the adjusters to screw into them at a later date if you need to.
Place the feet under your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, amp, preamp, turntable, speakers……..

Start at the corners and move them to even the load. The working range of loads are from 2Kg to 15Kg per foot or 10Kg to 60Kg for a set of four feet (1 box), which will cover most heavier or stacked equipment.

Some products are quite unbalanced, usually due to the position of heavy transformers and may need the feet arranging to balance the load.
Make sure the feet are not fully compressed under load, or they will not be doing their job. (You may want to remove the standard rubber feet or solid spikes from your hi-fi separates for cleaner lines and more freedom with your setup.)
Price: (set of four) £300.00