Sonic Scientific Phyllis ONE pure analogue integrated amplifier NEW

Another new Kickstarter project promising revolutionary direct battery drive audio amplifier design with technology, that delivers the absolute purest and noiseless sound…
Advanced Battery Technology: 
Managed by the state-of-the-art battery monitoring system which optimises each individual cell performance and reliability. The current chosen battery materials are lithium based that is capable of delivering 30 times of its own capacity continuously and 50 times at a ten second pulse. Therefore, this power house connected directly to the audio amplifier circuits can not only provide tremendous current to drive any possible speaker impedance down to less than 1 ohm, but also maintain absolutely noise free environment at the output. This capability translates into better acoustic dynamics and incredible tight resolved bass performance. There is no need for a traditional AC power transformer. Therefore, our audio systems are completely off-the-grid or totally separated from the wall AC mains.  This results in a great isolation from the inconsistency of  the AC utility supplies and unfiltered noisy hum and ripples. You will experience a perfect clarity of sound with utterly quiet background. It will never be necessary for expensive upgrades of audiophile class power cords or conditioners.

Simplex Audio Amplifier Circuitry: Our proprietary amplifier designs are the simplest circuit topologies that you can find. They are not only providing the shortest signal path to guarantee the ultimate clarity, but also maintaining the distortion free linearity. The no over all feedback design philosophy makes sure the fastest real-time amplification, and the elimination of group delay and phase errors, resulting in a more accurate musical reproduction. The output drive stage has the lowest turn-on impedance in the industrial that provides mighty power to handle any drain-hungry low impedance speakers and the greatest efficiency for a battery powered system.

Pure Analogue Design:  
There are absolutely no digital and switching parts that create messy digital clock and switching noise within our audio systems. We have used only mechanical switches for input selections and power ON/OFF. There will not be any switching power supply generated magnetic noise, nor any possible EMI radiation pollution in our pure analogue systems.
Features of “Phyllis ONE”
High-current lithium battery packs to permit for very powerful direct current (DC) delivery which is capable of delivering over 1 KW of instant power to the speaker impedance lower than 1Ω.
Proprietary “Simplex” audio circuitry with no over-all feedback and the optimised shortest signal path that is the simplest amplifier schematics ever available.
Completely analogue designed machine with only mechanical switches to guarantee an absolute noise-less system.
No digital circuits to generate any switching noise.
Onboard battery management system (BMS).
Our headphone output is also taking advantage of the direct current delivery that is not only guarantee the quietest background, but also powerful enough to drive any toughest earphone on the earth.
Front-panel switches to toggle audio power ON / OFF and the charger operation mode.
Backed by a comprehensive warranty and highly personalised customer service.