Sonus faber announce Homage Tradition Collection NEW

Sonus faber wishes to evoke Italian design and creativity at their best by restyling the Homage collection, the company’s most iconic line which has been completely revamped in keeping with its rich past and precious legacy.
Welcome Homage Tradition!
The collection features four elements: Amati, Guarneri, Vox and the newcomer Serafino, a 3,5 ways floor-standing speaker, whose name is taken from the history of Italian violin-making (Santo Serafino – 1699 /1758 – Venetian master trained at Nicolò Amati workshop).
The made-in-Italy appeal and the great Sonus faber tradition find their expression in a classic and slightly retro approach, where the classical lute shape is still central and maintains the roots with the history but components, finishes and design has been completely renewed.
The patents and technological solutions of Lilium, Il Cremonese and of the Olympica Collection find further evolution inside Homage Tradition.
The “Stealth Ultraflex” is the evolution of the “Stealth Reflex” system; its external part at the back panel, is in extruded Aluminum and controls the flow of air through the duct while controlling its speed and reducing any turbulence and hence distortion. The back too is part of the Exosqueleton system complete with Dampshelves on top and bottom of the speakers.
Guarneri and Serafino feature the so-called Silent Spikes, coaxial metal/elastomer/metal spikes which reinterpret the classic patented “Z.V.T.” (Zero Vibration Transmission) system and derive from Il Cremonese. Amati keeps the classic optimized suspension system.
The transducers of the Homage Tradition collection are derived directly from Il Cremonese and have been further developed to create an exclusive and unique design.
The lute shape of the cabinets of the collection is the fruit of careful research and major restyling. The curves of the sides change and double, blending the lines of previous models of the Tradition collection with those inherited from Lilium and giving these speakers larger volumes especially on the back. This evolution allows the cabinet to better control internal resonances.
The distinctive feature of the design of the new Homage Tradition collection – and a recall of the original Homage collection – is the new layout of the top whose main accent is, once again, wood with the same finish of the sides. The Guarneri Tradition stand plays a key role in the aesthetic and electro-acoustic design. It’s made in carbon fiber monocoque and sums the know-how reached with the Sonus faber- Pagani Automobili partnership and Ex3ma production. The curved outline of the stand, though much lighter and acoustically transparent than its predecessor, ensures maximum structural strength.
Homage Tradition collection is available in two finishes:
• RED: Traditional walnut wood essence with
black inlays combined with brushed black Aluminum and black leather (like flagships Aida, Lilium and Il Cremonese);
• WENGÈ: Wengè wood essence – used for the first time by Sonus faber – with maple inlays (reference to the walnut finish of Olympica collection) with brushed Aluminum in Titanium finish and brown leather.
The suggested retail prices for the collection are: 
• GUARNERI TRADITION: € 11.700 (stand
Taxes, shipping and any customs duties are excluded.
Homage collection will be available to selected dealers from February 2017.