Sonus faber PRYMA headphones review is coming

After finishing the review and spending my time with great and inspiring Sonus faber Chameleon B speakers it was time to move to a new chapter. Today, just few minutes ago  package arrived directly from the Vicenza, Italy. How is the saying? Italians do it better! Heck yes!
Just unpacked the box and like with all Sonus faber products the presentation is first class. From carton design, imprints, manual etc. Pretty maids all in the role. But, thats only a first design impact strike. I liked a lot the Sonus faber PRYMA design from what I could grasp via the official photos and media sets. But, holding them in hand… 
I’ve been around headphone listening for over twenty-five + years and spend vast funds on complete rigs, or headphones from Stax, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic etc. and owned most of the flagships phones and lots of production, custom and exotic energizers/amps. In between my headphone pace slowed down as I was focusing more and more on the two channel stereo speakers setups and to be honest I was uber fanatical about “phones”. So I needed my slight absence. Last three years my interest is being restored. There are simply to much positive happening with headphone products to stay unattached. Headphone industry is really pushing things fast forward with the grand speed. 
Holding PRYMA in hands feels like dealing with high-end watch or handling the leather goods from Hermès. I’ve choose the Carbon Marsala finish for review sample set for a reason. Its gorgeous combination of carbon fibre, metal and leather. 
This are first, initial hands on insights, just to threw the hook. I’ll wrap more soon with the focus on the sound and the rest. Stay tuned.