SoundSpace Systems Robin speakers

Coming soon for a review at Mono and Stereo… SoundSpace Systems newest loudspeaker Robin is a semi-active design with a sensitivity of 96 dB/W/m, including two low-frequency drivers with a diameter of 10 inches, a Klanghorn made of one solid piece of rosewood, in which a custom made AMT ribbon tweeter by Mundorf is installed. The nominal resistance of the speaker is 8 Ohm with a minimum impedance of 6.4 Ohm. The speaker housing is made entirely from bamboo. 

Robin impresses with its high resolution, exceptional micro- and macrodynamics, and captivating tonal balance. All crossovers are first order and designed without any impedance correction, so it makes it easy for any amplifier to go along with Robin. The Sound Space Systems Robin model is currently offered as a special edition in high gloss piano black, bamboo cabinet and rosewood horn at a retail price of 32,000 euros per pair.