SPEC GMP-70 turntable NEW

SPEC GMP-70 Analog record turntable spots gunmetal turntable platter and laminated base with large gunmetal housing for high precision coreless DC motor. Finnish Birch chassis helps with creating the ultra quiet reproduction. 
SPEC GMP-70 uses the high reliability new bearing with a fixed axis of rotation mechanism and Swiss made DC  motor that boasts a precise mechanism without torque fluctuation.

Main Specifications

Drive system Yarn drive
Turntable Gunmetal steel weight 14kg
Motor 9 slot precious metal brush DC precision coreless motor
Rotation speed 33 1 / 3rpm, 45rpm (+/- 15% pitch control possible)
Turntable start-up time About 30 seconds
Fit arm Effective length 300mm (standard) long arm corresponding
Power consumption 1W
Size 650mm (W) × 480mm (H) × 172mm (D)
Product weight 40kg
Turntable sheet AP-UD1