Following the introduction last year of the linear power supply for the LINK II streamer, Stack Audio is now launching an expanded range of audiophile linear power supplies called VOLT. Delivering a substantial upgrade in performance, they provide an alternative to the standard external DC adapters supplied with hi-fi digital source components. The first applications are for the LINK and LINK II, the Chord Qutest, HugoTT/M Scaler and the Roon Nucleus, with others to follow. The VOLT power supply is designed and manufactured in the UK. 

Stack Audio VOLT with the LINK II network streamer

Stack Audio believes a pure, smooth power supply is essential for the best listening experience. Great attention to detail has been taken in every aspect of the design from the component selection and circuit design through to eliminating physical vibrations. The VOLT is a linear design built specifically for high quality audio systems that benefit from smooth, clean, DC supply. The VOLT helps eliminate background noise revealing subtle details and nuances revealed for more engaging music listening.

Available to purchase now from the Stack Audio website:

  VOLT Low Current power supply for LINK II/Chord Qutest


• Optimised for the specific component it’s powering

• UK made precision wound toroidal transformer

• Nichicon audio grade capacitors

• Two-way filtering: noise suppressors on both the input and output stages

• Rigid and vibration free precision machined aluminium case

• Transformer mounted on an isolation plate with Stack Audio’s Advanced Vibration Dissipation Compound (AVDC)

• High-quality star-quad geometry connecting cable provides further protection against EMI and mains borne interference

• Available in black or silver anodised aluminium to match partnering equipment

VOLT High Current power supply for Roon Nucleus/Chord Hugo TT/MScaler


VOLT – LINK II/Chord Qutest

• AC Input/DC Output

• 100-120V or 120-240V AC 50-60hz 50va

• 18V DC x 1.6A (LINK)

• 5V DC x 2A (Chord Qutest)

• Dimensions: H x W x D: 60 x 120 x 200mm

• Weight: 2.0 Kg

• Price £400(inc. VAT)/$472*/€387*

VOLT – Roon Nucleus/Chord TT/Mscaler

• AC Input/DC Output

• 100-120V or 120-240V AC 50-60hz 50va

• 15C DC x 4A (Chord HugoTT/M Scaler)

• 19V DC x 5A (Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+)

• Dimensions: H x W x D: 60 x 120 x 260 mm

• Weight: 2.7 Kg

• Price £500(inc. VAT)/$590*/€484*

*Please check the website for US/Euro prices @ current exchange rates