STEALTH USB T-Select Double Tune – Optimized for Audio

Stealth Audio Cables writes: “Tunable Collars are based on numerous listening sessions with various equipment, a STEALTH “T” cable with a tuning collar in the optimum position, the overall result (sound) is better than with the cable without the collar, BUT – with the collar in incorrect position the sound is not as good as with a cable without the collar. “T” stands for “tunable” – the sliding ferromagnetic collar allows to fine-tune the sound.” 

The best sounding tuning collar position is different for every two pieces of equipment which that cable connect, thus it is impossible to point at the same spot (location) of the collar, giving the same sound as without the collar. Finding the best position of the collar is a lengthy process and requires some time and patience. Usually two people are needed (one is listening, and the other is moving the collar).
It is even better to have several people, and listen together. So, usually, an evening, or even entire day can be dedicated to finding the best collar position – for a particular audio system. But the result is worth the effort!
In general, finding the best position of the sliding tuning collar on a STEALTH audio cable is similar in effect to finding the best position (location) of a pair of speakers in a room: an audio system sounds MUCH better if the position of the speakers in optimized, and the same audio system doesn’t sound good with wrong (incorrect) position of a pair of speakers in a room. Another possible analogy: focusing a photo lens.
The T-Select tuning collars, for cables, have the same function as the focusing ring for a photo lens. Once a lens is in focus, it offers the sharpest image, while when a lens is out of focus, the image is blurred to some degree.