Style Jukebox Hi-Res player and music Manager NEW

Style Jukebox is designed to backup, sync and stream your music collection at 24bit/192kHz/7.1 audio quality on your PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone.
People say that Style Jukebox is what iTunes Cloud should have been – a music service for people with a music collection – that’s easy to use for casual listeners, but powerful enough for hard-core listeners who care about audio quality, music organizing, lossless music, and more.
Style Jukebox is ad-free, private and free up to 10GB. PRO accounts start at $1.99.

“Thursday, July 9, is a very big and important milestone for us. We plan to release Style Jukebox 2.0 for Windows and a music Manager for Mac. We think Style Jukebox 2.0 is one of the best music players for Windows – the new version bring a fresh, redesigned interface and new features for both casual and pro listeners. And our first native Mac app, the music manager, is the easiest and fastest way for Mac users to backup their Hi-Res music and get it in their Style Jukebox account.”