Sunday’s DiscRod Stewart – Every Picture Tells a Story. I love finding and sharing superior quality – both musical and sonically – discs. Brand-new or decades old, I don’t care, as best music is timeless as it can be…

Today I gave a spin to a disc I didn’t listen in eons: Rod Stewart’s iconic album from the ’70s on Mercury.

… and it is a truly great disc!
It’s full of life and great musicianship… The musicians are top and Rod’s young gravel voice is far from the later stardom-tinted over-productions and lesser waxes.
A lot of nice acoustic guitars, six and twelve strings, and slide guitars… bluesy, some songs, a Bob Dylan’s cover… Danny Thompson on double bass as guest-artist in one track!
A nice °Amazing Grace” version for slide twelve strings guitar and… one of the MOST CONVINCING drums kit I ever listened to, period!
The ’70s recording skills, ahem art was truly remarkable and this old disc is a truly well-kept secret and a demo-quality disc with music to par!
Enjoy as I enjoyed, folks.
Stefano Bertoncello