Sunny’s Audio Video

Sunny’s Audio Video high-end audio rooms with complete CH Precision electronics, including 10-series products, and partnered with Stenheim Reference and Alumine series, Vivid Audio speakers, Egglestonworks, etc. 

The system

  • CH Precision L10 Line Preamplifier. ( M10 coming in 2 weeks)
  • CH Precision 1 Series
  • CH Precision P1 2. CH Precision L1 – Line preamplifier Re-certified. 18 months old 3. CH Precision C1 reference DAC with a new HD card for streaming upgraded 2 years ago. Analog inputs so you can add a P1 phono stage and add any amplifier that is A1 monoblocks, A1.5 and M1.1 mono/stereo amplifier and use the internal preamp in the C1
  • 2 stereo amplifiers A1.5 waiting for recertification