Supreme-Analog Singidunum Reference monitor NEW

Spherical horns. Unique combinations of design, function and engineering. The wave-fronts are spherical with a constant radius. The wave-front area expansion is exponential. The spherical horn are open, short with rapid flare, with no coloration.Designed by Sasa Stevanovic.
*  Maximum recomended amplifier power 300W per channel
*  Nominal impedance  8 Ohms
*  Frequency response of 35Hz – 22kHz (28Hz low-frequency response at -10dB)
*  Sensitivity 100dB SPL, 2.83V, 1m
*  Crossover frequency:  700Hz (LF2 24dB/octave)
*  Horn directivity (horizontal x vertical):Low frequency — 120° x 90°  High-frequency — 100° x 60°
* (TAD 1601) x 2  Low-frequency driver: 380mm (15″) pulp-cone woofer
Rated Impedance 8 O 
Frequency Range 28-2,000 Hz 
Rated Input Power 150 W 
Maximum Input Power 300 W 
Sound Pressure Level 97 dB (1W, 1m) 


 * (TAD 2001) x 2  High-frequency driver: 100mm (4″) beryllium compression driver 
Rated Impedance 8 O 
Frequency Range 500-22,000 Hz 
Rated Input Power 10 W 
Maximum Input Power 30 W 
Sound Pressure Level 109 dB (1W, 1m) 
* DIMENSIONS 1180mm x 1070mm x 650mm
* Weight: 124kg