Swedish Analog Technologies SAT tonearm + Kronos installation

“A few days ago we completed the first installation of the SAT Pickup Arm on a Kronos Pro turntable. We went from Gothenburg to the Vitus Audio facilities in Herning, Denmark, where we met with Hans-Ole Vitus. He is one of our first clients and owner of the SAT arm with serial #002.

The arm board that we built specific for the Kronos turntables is finished in black-anodised aluminium and fitted perfectly on the Kronos, exactly as expected from our CAD files. Vitus decided to match the arm with the Ortofon MC A95, an excellent choice that immediately showed the performance of the combination right during the first track we played.

More arm boards for the Kronos are already manufactured, waiting to be shipped to their new owners. Using the proprietary jig, setting the arm board at the exact pivot-to-spindle distance is both very easy and quick, a matter of a couple of minutes.” – Marc Gomez /Swedish Analog Technologies