System in play and exploration of the ultimate

My little big system in play :). My personal quest of exploring the upper echelon musical reproduction is taking new turns and ultimate challenges. I’ve been asked too often about the sanity regarding the prices of some high end audio products. My answer stands still. You can get up to the certain level with some products, but you cannot further from there. 
Similar to F1 usually the last percents cost the most and squeezes out every bit of what is possible. This costs money, takes time, investment and hard work. Dedication these days comes like it or not mostly with a heftier price sticker. Luckily there are also some very down to earth priced high-end audio gear that can get you quite far for the given money. Still, for our niche industry R & D costs are much higher that many of us want them to be, but it is what it is…
I’m thrilled with what is possible to achieve with musical reproduction at extreme where the questioning of the pricing is not first and foremost agenda. Ask a genuine car enthusiast how does he feel abut the pricing of the ultimate sports car. For most of them that is not agenda, that would kill their enthusiasm and interest. In high-end audio we’re always dealing with friendly minds that cannot even stand the idea of upper echelon grand explorations. And yes, I can also understand that side. 
I feel privileged and more then happy for having opportunities to put my attention, passion, dedication and non the last funds into the exploration of extreme side of our beloved industry. 

Anyhow. Lots of things are coming up and they’ll be unveiling as everything progress…

Matej Isak