TAD (Technical Audio Devices) was originally the name of a project launched in 1975 by Tokyo-based Pioneer Electronic Corporation (now Pioneer Corporation) to develop high-end loudspeakers for professional use. The term embodies the belief of the late Bart Locanthi, then a renowned professional audio engineer in the U.S. and technical advisor to the project, that “real technology is true to the fundamentals, and that genuine technology gives greater importance to sound quality than to technology for its own sake.” This belief underscores the importance of an engineering approach backed by thorough theoretical evaluations and accurate testing and gives the TAD brand an uncompromising pursuit of technical perfection. 

“The Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, INC. was founded in 2007 with the intention of “TAD”.

And the time is 2021 The philosophy and passion that has been passed down through the years is present in all our products. We will continue to bring you the pleasure and excitement of listening to our products with the best technology we have.”