“Although there have been other “burn-in” test discs used by audiophiles in the past, the discs have mostly been a mix of pink noise and sweep test tones. The new CASCADE noise burn-in disc is a proprietary combination of white noise with frequency tone bursts and pink noise mixed at different levels. However, what makes it really effective is a series of descending and ascending (cascading) multi-octave square sweeps for better and more complete results than any other “burn-in” discs that have been made to date. The CASCADE noise burn-in disc may be used with audio electronic component and with audio cable including cables with attachments such as batteries or filter networks. Before and after results will be obvious with any of these cables.”
The phenomenon commonly referred to as “burn-in” is confusing to some people. We prefer to think of the phenomenon as the conditioning of the system with continued use. The phenomenon of burn-in is actually a polarization of effects on a microscopic level. This microscopic world might be as little as a few thousandths of an inch along the length of the conductors within a cable; the thickness of one to three sheets of paper. At this level one can visualize the subtle electromagnetic waves around a conductive wire. These waves are moving through the dielectric (primary insulation) around the conductor. There is a problem at this microscopic level; not all frequencies carried by the electromagnetic waves will pass at the same attitude at every point of the conductive wire. For example, at some point along the conductor, there might be a tiny point of oxidation, and this will limit the range of high frequencies that can pass easily between the same amplitude, perhaps turning AC into DC and creating random audible noise in the cable. At other points, imagine air-gaps between the conductor and the insulation near the conductor surface. These tiny differences cause changes with respect to the different frequencies that are “stored and released” from conductor to dielectric and back again.
The new CASCADE noise burn-in disc is designed to completely condition the capacitive and diode-like effects within audio components and audio cables. The result is a more coherent and extended high frequency reproduction without the glare, along with a sense of listening experience. This will be noticed after just a few hours of using the CASCADE noise burn-in disc. Continued use of the disc, just a few hours at a time, or when you are able to run your audio system at normal listening levels for many hours at a time, will be extremely beneficial in improving the performance of all audio cables and components.
Instructions for using the CASCADE Noise Burn-In Disc:

After downloading and put onto a disc, load the disc into your CD player or transport.
Turn the volume to normal listening levels
Play in “continuous” or “repeat” mode for as many hours as possible
Time to effect significant change will vary by system. A discernible difference will be evident after a conditioning session of sufficient length.
Repeat as often as possible until no discernible difference is evident. Your system is now conditioned to optimum performance levels.
Should you change any components in your system, conditioning should be repeated.

TARA Labs offers this service for free, and assumes no responsibility should you decide to use the CASCADE Noise Burn-In Disc on your system. By doing so, you assume all responsibly for this action.