Thailand Triode Meeting has been influenced by the 1st Japan Triode Meeting, being held in Fukuoka Japan in 2017. The suffix of Triode Meeting, geographically is representing that the meeting is taking place in Asia.

Additionally, by principle, activities in the Triode Meeting must reflect story and culture of the local people towards audio lifestyle, stuffs and activities.

For Thailand Triode Meeting 2019, Thai team would like to bring all participants back to history of audiophile history in Thailand.
Altec A7 and A5 had been playing their role in all cinema house nationwide. Similarly to JBL, playing its role for home entertainment since 1970. Those two brands will lie in 4 listening rooms for all participants to play with.
Thailand Triode meeting will follow 3 core principles, similar to Lenco Heaven Meeting and Japan Triode Meeting; 
• non-profit
• socialisation
• and relaxing atmosphere.
Thailand Triode Meeting will be held in Thailand at the Original Barn House located in the middle of the ancient city Chiangmai named Lanna Rice Barn from 16th to 19th January, 2019
You can reserve the accommodation at the Lanna Rice Barn with us. Therefore, for those who prefer to arrange the accommodation and transportation on your own, please feel free to do so. There are several 5-6 stars hotel and a lot of nice boutique hotels, which are not far from the area.
City of Chiangmai of Thailand contains wonderful food, rich culture and of course a Thai smile which will definitely attract your enjoyment during the meeting.
Average weather during that period of time in Chiangmai will be in between 13 – 30 degree Celsius.
For Thailand Triode meeting 2019, the event will be held 4 days during 16th -19th January, arriving Wednesday 16th and leaving on Saturday 16th afternoon.
There will be a special designed T-shirt included for all participants.
The meeting will be held from Wednesday 16th January until Saturday 19th.
1) € 500 Wednesday morning arrivals and stay in the barn Lunch and dinner on Wednesday.
Three meals on Thursday and Friday. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Stay three nights at the barn with Concert & Show T-shirt
2) € 400 Thursday arrivals and stay in the barn. Lunch and dinner on Thursday. Three meals on Friday and Saturday
Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Two nights at the barn with Concert & Show T-shirt
3) € 300 Wednesday arrivals and staying on your own arrangement a nearby Hotel. Lunch and dinner on Wednesday.
Three meals on Thursday and Friday. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Concert & Show T-shirt
4) € 200 Thursday arrivals and staying on your own arrangement a nearby Hotel. Lunch and dinner on Thursday. Three meals on Friday and Saturday.
Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Concert & Show T-shirt
5) € 150 Join the concert on Friday and the show on Saturday. Staying on your own arrangement a nearby Hotel. Three meals on Friday and Saturday
Breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Concert & Show T-shirt
It is possible to stay an extra night for €50 at the barn if your travel schedule may be required for those who get the room.
In order to keep the cost down as much as we can, all drinks will not be included.
However, we will provide have some great Thai beer on draught, coffee and tea, available for free during the event.
We encourage you to bring your own beer, wine, whisky, etc. There will be a fridge available to store them in with no cost.
If you order any kind of alcohol apart from the above lists, those will be counted as extra charge.
Good food has always been the most important part of the event.
Delicious Thai food will be served throughout the event. 
For those who are vegan or have any allergy to some food or any ingredient, please mentioned clearly when booking.
Listening rooms
There will be 4 listening rooms:
1. JBL Paragon – 150 – 4C, 375 & 075
2. Altec A5 – 515B & 288B in 1005 Horn
3. JBL D1004 (2 of 130B and 1 of 175DLH)
4. Altec 755-A
We encourage you all to bring at least some equipments. It doesn’t have to be a complete system, there will be sample possibilities to mix and match with the system in each room. And bring some music too. 
Also remember to bring cables and powerblocks as Thailand has a different groundpin.
The topic of Thailand Triode M2019 shootout is Phono preamplifier for Denon DL-102
Because Denon DL-102 is a common mono cartridge that still available, not expensive and sound quite good too.
It is high output mc cartridge but specifications not like most mm cartridge or another high output mc too. So it should be need special gain stage and impedance.
Shootout will use Marantz 7C to bring signal to both channels so everyone can build only 1 channel preamplifier.
Components for this set up are
1. Turntable: EMT 930st with stock tonearm
2. Cartridge: Denon DL-102
3. Line amplifier: auxiliary input of Marantz 7C
4. Amplifier: SPEC RSA-G3EX
5. Speakers: JBL D1004 (2 of 130B and 1 of 175DLH)
Participants depends on quantity of people that submit attention and details to exhibitor of Thailand Triode Meeting 2019
Live performance
There will be a live performance on Friday night. Analog live recording will be arranged for all of us to have fun together with.
The show
There will be a final show on each listening room, including live recording and the most voted phono stage on Saturday for half day.
We aim for a maximum of 50-60 participants.
There are 20 rooms (40 beds) available in the barn.
Please let us know if you want advice on finding a place nearby.
We expect that more people will want to stay in the barn, however, as rooms and beds are little bit limited, the deal will be on a first come first serve basis. We will let you know as quickly as possible if you made it, so that you will have enough time to find a place to stay outside the rice barn.
To book send an email titled: Booking for Thailand Triode Meeting 2019 – (your name)
and give us:
Your name,
four days/three days/one day, any extra nights (if needs)
Number of participants,
Want to stay at the Lanna Rice Barn or self-arranged for the hotel.
T-shirt size (M/L/XL/XXL)
Do not forget to request vegetarian meals if that is what you want, as well as any food allergy.
We will let you know as soon as possible whether or not you have a place at the Lanna Rice Barn and let you know how much to pay. You will receive an email from with all payment details.
Payments can be made by Paypal: (to friend and family only).
Bookings are only considered final when they are fully paid for.
As mentioned earlier it is up to you to find and book a 5-6 stars hotel or nearby boutique hotel. The obvious channels for that are websites like Trivago,, Airbnb, TripAdvisor or Expedia. You can email to the Thai team, if you need any additional help or advice.
There are plenty of international flights from all around the world to Bangkok, Thailand. However, there are only few direct flight from a few Asian countries to Chiangmai. It is highly recommended to include a local connecting flight to Chiangmai to your flight booking. The recommended website to search for the flight with good deal is
Local tours
There are plenty of local tours in Chiangmai for those who wants bring your family and want them to enjoy the day during the meeting.
For those who would like to explore Thailand after the meeting as during the period the South part of Thailand will be the best season to visit.
Please let the Thai team know what you want in advance, we can give you some advice.
A final note
Although we are among friends and there is no reason to expect any problems, it is important to note that the exhibitor and organiser do not accept any responsibility for any stolen, broken belongings, accident or health issue.
All participants must buy your own travel / health insurance.
Thank you and see you all soon
Thailand team
Now, you can get information about Thailand Triode Meeting (TTM)
You can get information of the event, as well as to proceed the payment through this link:
Alternatively, you can pay through PayPal through the account:
However, if that’s not be convenience to you, please let me know which channel you would like to pay through.
Should there be any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me through this email
Best regards,