​The Chord Company ChordMusic flagship series NEW

The Chord Company is celebrating 30 years of high-performance cable design and UK manufacturing with the launch of ChordMusic, the company’s new flagship range
​The Chord Company has launched ChordMusic, the company’s most advanced cable range in its 30-year history. The celebratory, flagship series distils 30 years of cable design and manufacturing know-how into a ground-breaking line-up. ChordMusic is a revelatory product, developed using an exciting and entirely new insulation material which has never been used with audio cables before: Taylon®. 
Super ARAY conductor technology 
All ChordMusic cables use the new Super ARAY conductor configuration. Super ARAY technology is a development of Chord’s original Tuned ARAY design. The Super ARAY conductor technology keeps all the musical coherence of the Tuned ARAY design and brings big increases in the levels of musical detail the cable is able to carry.  
Pricing and availability
Analogue: RCA 1m: £3,800;  additional metres £1,700
Digital: RCA/BNC 1m: £3,500; additional metres £1,400
Streaming: RJ45 1m: £3,800; additional metres £1,700
Speaker: Banana plugs per terminated metre £1,100; 1.5m pair £3,300