The History of Electronic Music in 476 Tracks (1937-2001)

The History of Electronic Music in 476 Tracks (1937-2001). 
About the History of Electroacoustic Music 
“When I started uploading the collection, in 2009, I was an undergraduate student of a composition class at the university’s studio for electroacoustic music. Our professor made this collection, I believe, from his particular library, picking up some works that he found important. So there was this pile of CDs for us to hear as a kind of assignment. Because I could not be at the studio all the time I ripped the CDs to my computer so I could hear them at home. It was a natural thing then to start sharing it via the famous rapidshare, although it was not an all altruistic idea: the donwloads got me points that allowed me to get an account for downloading other shared material.

After I was done uploading I asked if someone could build a torrent so the works could be shared more easily. I didn’t know if it was done or not until a friend of mine tells me that ubuweb published the collection. It was a very pleasant surprise since I, like many, admire a lot the work done in this website.

So I’m very proud and happy to see this here. I just want to clarify two things since it seems that my iniciative became some sort of legend, which is very funny. First, my college is a kind of a center of the most tradicional, western avant-gard electronic music, so I certainly agree that it leaves a lot of people outside, but leaving outside people working at the bounds of this tradition, and the area of Europe-America, was expected. I’m not saying that it’s fair! Second and last, although woman are certainly an exception, I don’t believe it was intentional to have few works by woman, it has more to do with the way our society and the tradition this music represent works.”
Enjoy listening! 
— Caio Barros, São Paulo, Brazil 2011