The most precious Album!

Counting Crows August and Everything After is the band debut studio album released in September 1993 on Geffen Records. Why the attention? This is one of my favourite albums and is in my constant rotation. Even on the daily basis lately. 

Counting Crows energy and mood cuts directly into the heart of the america in such profound and intimate way, that is really almost impossible to stay untouched. Each listening resonate for longer and lingers on. And this is how albums used to be recorded. Not a filler up on this release. Its a seamless musical journey.
For the purists and analog fans here is an interesting detail. This album is recorded completely on analog mix board and gear and you can get it as such on the 45rpm vinyl. When system set right, this music will elevates and push you into the what I call the safe side of melachony. For some its to much. Yet, for me its magical panache. August and Everything After puts me into the healthy state of the mind and recharges my batteries in full.