Meridian Audio: “The future is bright here at Meridian Audio as we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. As part of this momentous occasion, we are announcing exciting plans for the year ahead in a drive to provide the very best in hi-res audio solutions.

Through constant development, evolution and refinement, we have worked to create many revolutionary technologies and world first products. Our aim is to improve every listener’s enjoyment and depth of appreciation, and bring out elements overlooked by average audio systems.

Throughout 2017, we’re introducing new, innovative products to place our customers at the centre of the listening experience. We have recently launched the 218 Zone Controller and 258 Power Amplifier. Adding power and performance, both products help to create perfect audio reproduction for the home theatre, regardless of existing media systems. These products are designed for those who want to hear their favourite songs the way they were meant to be heard.

We are renowned for this attention to detail. Like few others in the audio space, we value the science, engineering excellence and craftsmanship skills which make the listening experience as pristine, immersive and as effortlessly enjoyable as it possibly can be. Our DSP technology is also at the heart of today’s High Resolution Audio experience. It helps to create a pure and accurate soundscape for the listener, mirroring the artist’s recording in the studio.

Great quality sound is not just limited to the home, as our in-car audio systems demonstrate. Specifically developed for everyday travel, we’ve partnered with Jaguar Land Rover to offer drivers the ultimate listening experience. The specifically designed systems ensure passengers are always able to enjoy great quality sound, despite the din of other vehicles and tedious road noise.

Throughout the development of technology and listening habits, we have consistently delivered ground-breaking products and services to ensure the best possible audio experience for our customers. With a number of new products on the horizon, we remain at the forefront of innovation as we continue into our 40th year.”