The V5i Audio Opamp NEW

It’s not discrete and it’s not completely IC either.  We have worked with a leading integrated circuitry foundry to implement most of our V5 FET circuitry into an IC chip.  We then use a discrete circuitry to push this IC chip beyond its limitations.  The result is our V5i audio opamp. 
The V5i shares the same sonic characteristics as our V5, namely, fast and dynamic, transparent and accurate. 
Key Features include:
* Wide dynamic range
* Low power consumption
* Metal cap to improve heat regulation
* Similar size to DIP8 opamps
* 30 days satisfaction refund guarantee *
* Life-time replacement warranty **
Starting from just 39USD each, it is the fun upgrade guaranteed to bring serious results.
To celebrate the release of the V5i, we are offering free postage to anywhere in the world for the first 100 customers only.