The vinyl day in Ljubljana!

Sound By Hari and ubiqaudiolab joined forces for the vinyl day in Ljubljana. I was really surprised that to see so many audiophiles and music lovers showing the interest for the analog day. Two impressive systems consisted of new Ubiqaudiolab Ubiquitous (big and smaller) monitor speakers prototypes (first-order crossover, no capacitor in the signal path!), new Ubiqaudiolab Ubiquitous solid state power amplifiers, FM Acoustics 255 MK2 preamplifier, Vertere MG-1 Magic Groove & RG-1 Reference Groove turntables, Vertere Reference tonearm New Gen & SG-1 tonearm MKII, CH Precision P1 phono stage with X1 power supply, Top Wing Red Sparrow Cartridge, Faber’a Cables cable loom and phono preamp, Grandinote Genesi flagship preamplifier and more. Repeatedly I’ve caught the comments about how silent and noise/crackle free Vertere record players were. There is far more tech hidden (and decades of knowhow) to the eye than most people realize. Two carefully matched setups really allowed the grandeur performance with quite a selection of top tier high-end audio components.