Thrax Audio Orpheus RIAA preamplifier is here!

Yep, another excitement of the year for me! Thrax Audio new flagship Orpheus RIAA preamplifier just arrived at Mono & Stereo for test and review. Thrax Dionysos preamplifier is among best tube preamplifiers I’ve had chance to listen over the years and only tube preamplifier that was given the prestigious Mono & Stereo Upper Echelon Award so far. With Dionysos there were no cutbacks and it showed in best possible way. I have no doubt, that Rumen and the Trax team did any less stellar job with the all NEW Orpheus phono preamplifier. 
Take a look at first few pictures of this silver forma viva beauty! I can still smell the fresh silver anodising. Its beautifully executed with a seamless, screw-less chassis, that clearly shows that funds were not only allocated to the innards.
In next photo batch I’ll bring the internal shots to give you a feeling of dedication and materials being use and write down first few listening impressions. Stay tuned. This his is serious gear guys…