TIDAL-Audio Announces US Brand Ambassador

As a component of global changes surrounding the company’s growth, TIDAL-Audio GmbH is proud to announce the newly created status of Brand Ambassador, TIDAL-Audio USA. Effective January 1, 2022, Doug White of The Voice That Is has been appointed to this status. 

The Voice That Is has consistently represented the embodiment of TIDAL-Audio’s identity through independent actions toward the TIDAL brand. As Brand Ambassador, Doug will serve as a point of contact for TIDAL-Audio in the US for new and existing dealers and customers. Doug White has been a strong supporter of TIDAL-Audio for over a decade; his dedication, knowledge and support of all TIDAL- Audio products is known and appreciated by all especially the TIDAL-Audio organization. Doug has secured many relationships in the industry and has established himself as a credible, honest, and sincere professional. These are extremely important attributes for TIDAL-Audio.
From Jörn Janczak: “Having Doug White represent TIDAL-Audio as our US Brand Ambassador makes me really happy. I could not think of any person doing a better job sharing his experience with new dealers directly, overseeing things in our professional interest. I think those who have met him in this industry will confirm Doug White as a person of integrity, taking no short cuts and being reliable is a business partner.”
From Doug White: “With my experience and exposure to audio products world-wide, I aspire to install ultimate systems in the homes of people who share my passion for the absolute best in music reproduction. From first exposure, I respected TIDAL’s mission, classic design, solid engineering, commitment to quality and sonic purity. I deeply admire TIDAL as an organization and am personally committed to the success of the brand in the US. I couldn’t be more proud and excited to be affiliated with exceptional people of such an awesome organization.”   

About TIDAL Audio

Established in 1999, by Jörn Janczak, TIDAL-Audio GmbH has but one goal – to build the finest audio systems in the world defined as unique masterpieces with timeless sophisticated design and benchmark performance to reproduce music no less than lifelike. Jörn Janczak leads a flagship team of fellow expert engineers, designers, craftsmen, and production staff to assure every detail, every single part, and every step involved in making a TIDAL masterpiece exists free from the bounds of cost optimization and budgetary limitations. TIDAL masterpieces are known worldwide for meticulous attention to detail, sound quality, and design excellence, culminating 2021 into an exclusive multi-year partnership with Bugatti.