Meridian Audio, the Cambridgeshire (UK)-based technology company, is delighted to announce its partnership with TIDAL, the high-resolution audio music streaming service. From early 2015, TIDAL will be available on Meridian’s Sooloos digital media system, enabling seamless streaming of TIDAL’s extensive library of CD quality music.
TIDAL will also be integral to Meridian MQA demonstrations at the International Consumer Show (CES), streaming MQA music files via a Meridian Sooloos digital media system. Meridian will be based at The Venetian Hotel in Suite 30-335 and the exclusive demonstrations will allow listeners to experience the full extent of the new TIDAL integration. The TIDAL integration brings a lossless audio streaming experience to Meridian Sooloos system owners old and new, all of whom can now enjoy unlimited access to over 25 million tracks.
In addition, purchasers of the new Meridian Explorer 2 – the portable, compact USB DAC – will be able to enjoy a complimentary 3 month trial of the streaming service. Explorer2 delivers best-in-class audio performance, including compatibility with MQA ‘Master Quality Authenticated’ lossless audio sources.
Commenting on the announcement, John Buchanan, CEO at Meridian Audio said, “The partnership with TIDAL is significant for a company such as Meridian which prides itself in delivering a super-quality digital signal throughout the path from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing technologies.”