We have been in the retail analogue audio business since 2002 with focus on analogue gear. I had sold many high end turntables and also repair and adjust them in Taiwan. As an designer with architecture background, I design the products with passion. The Viroa Tonearm was designed 10 years ago, the basic idea is using a simple tonearm. Design begin with a special bearing and magnetic system for azimuth use. The result turned out very well, however the bearing was difficult to reproduce, so I start to seek other methods to achieve this goal.

During this experimental process, we discovered an important issue:

** tonearm design is to service the cartridge not the groove **
*Majority of Tonearm designer only focus on tracking, when they focus on tracking, the cartridge just a needle, but they forget it’s the cartridge that holds the stylus to touch the tracking groove, not simply just the stylus.

My design focus on how the Tonearm serves the cartridge, and let cartridge track better, when tracking is better the cartridge will sound much better
As every one know, high end cartridge has magnetic field, like MC, MM, MI. All types have magnetic field in order to generator electronic signal for phono amp. When you place the coil, magnet or iron into the magnetic field, it is like directing an orchestra, it does not have physic contact, so every thing is elusive and difficult to predict. The tonearm need to control the magnetic field, or expand this magnetic field to the fullest.
1. Magnet damping and anti skating design combine the viscosity of magnetic force. Our Magnetic damping system is the most efficient system. It combines azimuth adjustment and anti-skate; it also keep the cartridge in good tracking. This system is simple with minimal mechanism, the Tonearm is free of interference without the extra mechanisms.
2. How Magnet damping work? When we experiment with magnet we discover viscous force pulling from either polarity. When it’s in force you can’t pull object away from magnetic field unless it escapes velocity. When cartridge is tracking in the groove, the viscous force keep the needle stable therefor it will generate higher electric energy and more detail from the groove. Coincidently bass region of the music will benefit from this phenomenon.
3. As most tonearm on the market today all has fix value for anti-skating adjustment. But the actual records spins with inner circle much faster than outer circle, hence anti-skate demand is a variable. Viora tonearm’s magnetic anti-skate device effectively stabilized the needle m’s travel and progress alone the groove spinning from most outer to the inner circle with better tracking ability.
4. Ease of use
A. install cartridge with gauge in a safe place
B. Good to adjust azimuth
C. Easy to adjust anti-skate
5. Lower counter weight design will have close to the effect of dynamic balance stylus pressure, you can make the vertical track better with a special rubber damping design, you can eliminate unnecessary bass rendering.
6. Special design tungsten steel bearing needle with a smooth sapphire bearing housing, you can ensure that the rotation of the bearing noise, not transferred to the cartridge.
7. Van Den Hul silver Litz wire for tonearm inner cable to make sure sound quilty.
8. Demo magnetic system (with & with out magnet) **Please listen to bass sound.
Unpiovid tip with sapphire polished bearing house
Patent magnet azimuth and anti skate system
Carbon fiber arm ward
Can supply 9″/10″/12″ arm ward
Precision cartridge install gauge
Arm ward can be purchased separately
Type : Single pivot with magnet damping system
Effective Length : 240mm
Overhang : 17.5mm
Offset angel : 22.9
Head-shell : Aluminium
Armtube : Roll carbon fiber tube
Internal wiring : Van Den Hul silver Litz wire
Outlet : RCA and 5 pin