Tobian Soundsytems Monitor 18FH full range horn speakers

Here is another interesting horn speaker system. This time from Tobian Soundsystems. Günter Tobian describes in depth what inspired him to create his 18FH full range horn speakers…
“In all beginnings dwells a magic force…” wrote Hermann Hesse in “Steps”. How right he was. But, I may add, an end as well. And that´s what we have here. I sit in front of the “18H” and ask myself if what I hear is reality or imagination. If I look at her, she reminds me of an intense dream that suddenly became reality. To be honest, until recently, I could not imagine surpassing the level of my “15”. But luckily I have customers that will not be happy with even the best. They always strive for the better. With their demands and very large listening rooms, they have pushed me to go further. – Günter Tobian/Tobian Soundsystems

Imagine, you could have it all:

  • Live dynamics
  • Utmost subtlety
  • Depth
  • Timbreto die for
  • Razor sharp imaging and superb musicality
  • All these criteria that yell “live” but that you can never get live, because PA-setups simply don´t play musically right and subtly enough. The “18H” can do it all – in your home.

So how did this all happen?
In addition to the Coaxial of the “12” I have implemented an 18 inch ultrabass in the best tradition of Western Electric / RCA and Altec. I am proud to say that I managed to fully integrate this king of bass drivers into the sound.
Even at very low listening levels, you can physically feel it – a really low bass in the truest sense of the word.
Besides the ability to deliver the lowest bass register, this has another strikingly positive effect: it releases the upper mid-bass, the mids and the highs. Every chassis only does the job they are designed for.
“ You completely forget about the technique and just listen to music”
When listening to the “18H”, music has a sort of ‘elastic’ ease and an emotional accessibility that has brought tears to the eyes of even my most demanding customers. You completely forget about the technique and just listen to music with this extraordinary transducer. One hour’s listening quickly becomes half the night without you even noticing!
That is all now possible with the “18H”.
By the way, she plays so beautifully and integrally with a Single Ended Triode and catches the acoustic stars from the musical sky with my Push-Pull-Power Amps.
I had not thought that this result was possible. But listen for yourself and decide.
Technical specifications
2-Way Coaxial 90 x 60 Fullrange Hornspeaker with 18 inch ultra low bass (Horn Loaded)
12/18 inch version
1.5 inch High Compression Driver
12 inch Mid – Bass Driver
18 inch ultra low Bass Driver (Horn Loaded)
Efficiency: ca 101 db SPL/1W/1m
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Frequency Range: 24 Hz – 22.000 Hz
4 mm Banana WBT Nextgen
Dimensions: 148 x 68 x 66 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: 88 kg
Manufacturing time: about 10 weeks
Handmade in Hergiswil (Lake Lucerne) Switzerland
lifetime warranty