Tolerance in digital format

Finally I got my Rogue Audio Apollo tube mono amp back in full action with pre amp function played by the venerable Audio Note M10S reference tube pre amp and sourced by a mortal Marantz CD player. Cables by Vermouth. The mini monitor at play was my trusty Graham LS3/5. I must testify that in all my career as an audiophile since 1991, I have never sat to listen intensely to digital format. I loved to go straight to my favorite or preferred track(s) in a CD. Usually, the listening session lasted no longer than an hour. But that almost all tubes’ (pre and power amp) digital presentation captured my attention for almost 3 hours. I could not believe it, myself?!
[Lately, my perception in digital format has somewhat changed or improved…the credit went to the Aries Cerst Kassandra Limited Edition Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). Thus, I believe my tolerance in digital format’s “musicality” have heightened.] Psst: I’m still an analogue fan! – Dato’ Danon Han