Tonearms for DaVa Field Coil Cartridge

Darius Valiunas writes: “Tonearms for DaVa. Many people ask me to tell some words about Jakutis tonearm. Its construction was made using the best ideas of audio engineer Komissarov, who has his own more professional version of it. Jakutis has decided to create an artisan, more attractive model for beauty lovers. These dual mass tonearms have extracted vertical and horizontal resonance. Single mass tonearms have it concentrated in the same point, making unwanted vibration.”

“The musicality of dual mass tonearms is much better. Both of them have an anti-skating and micro lift, spring-type counterweight, and are wired for 6 pined DaVa cartridges. I have been using Jakutis tonearm for more than a month now and I haven’t faced any problems yet but listening and enjoying too much music.:)Both of them have oil-type horizontal and rubber vertical damping. Because of these decisions, tonearms keep their stability and don’t jump on possible scratches of not perfect vinyl records, reducing the noise of scratches.”