Totaldac Amp-1 amplifier!

Latest update from a Vincent Brient. Preliminary specifications and images of the all new and upcoming Totaldac Amp-1 amplifier that will premiere at HifiDeluxe Munich show 2019. 

preliminary specs:

  • stereo power amplifier
  • RCA inputs
  • large Mundorf binding posts
  • custom feet
  • no global feedback
  • fully discrete design
  • triode input and solid state output
  • class AB with medium level of class A for moderate heat
  • designed on Magico M6 and on a 105dB large coax horn system
  • 2500VA and 26kg “live-power” proprietary power supply transformer
  • 2*150W under 8ohm
  • 2*270W under 4ohm
  • 2*500W under 2ohm
  • stable under 1ohm
  • 28dB gain
  • 1.5V sensitivity
  • 47Kohm input impedance
  • frequency bandwidth at -3dB: 0.06Hz to 120KHz
  • 250mm height including feet
  • 483mm width
  • 453mm depth including connectors
  • weight approx 50kg
  • price 18900€ incl VAT in Europe

This new amplifier with be used in HifiDeluxe Munich show with a Totaldac source and Magico M6 speakers.