Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Podiums

The Seismic Podium is designed to brake the acoustic connection between the floor and the speaker, preventing the passage of deleterious vibrations both to and from the speaker cabinets. Break this link and the result is simply magical! Hearing into your favourite music, in a way you were never able to previously, is a revelation and a true pleasure. 

The sound suddenly becomes clearer and more enjoyable. The bass has less boom, is more tuneful, controlled and natural.

You will be able to enjoy your music at a more realistic volume level, without annoying the neighbours! 
For a detailed explanation of your absolute necessity for isolation, read 
“Earthquakes on hi-fi”. 
The Podium features an innovative ‘Captive’ Load Cell on each corner. A screw handle on the top provides fine level adjustment, whilst on the bottom is an adjustable foot to accommodate out-of-true floors. 
The tough black steel plate has a carpeted area that accommodates any shape of medium to large loudspeaker or sub-woofer, with or without spikes. 
The Seismic Podiums are suitable for wood, tile or carpeted floors. Total speaker height will increase by only 20mm (3/4”).