Trafomatic Audio visit day two

Second day of Trafomatic Audio Saša Čokić visit. Today he personally installed the the Trafomatic Audio EOS, Dual Mono Stereo Tube Power Amplifier and we listened few songs connected to the Robert Koda Takumi K-10 Preamplifier and Sonus faber Homage Vox speakers. 
Even on the first note strikes EOS showed impressive grip and sense of the music. Fast, involving and spot on timbre and tone. 
More coming soon in due time with more. In depth listening. Yet, so far I can say, that, this is very seriously built and performing amplifier, that seems to holds best attributes of solid state and tube amps. This is contemporary take on the tube amplifier design, that is in absense of typical old school tube artifacts. No added warmnes, but close to the purity of what music really sounds like.