TriangleArt Apollo MC cartridge first impressions

The TriangleArt Apollo MC cartridge has been set up on the Vermeer Reference tonearm on my TechDas Air Force One for some weeks. To me, both the arm and turntable here are top tier player in their respective category.
The Apollo MC replaced the Koetsu Blue Lace for the review. I know how great the Koetsu Blue Lace can be and that you can imagine how I will react if the Apollo MC fall short in any area.
My Initial impression of the Apollo MC is that it is able to control the presentation so well that everything is in its respective place. The delineation of imaging is second to none in my experience. The separation and space between musicians are clearly defined. The sound staging is three dimensional and this is clearly presented and easily appreciated for mass orchestra. The low is well layered, textured and detail. 
There are more to report in my coming review at Mono & Stereo…enjoy

Dato’ Danon Han