The METIS loudspeakers system by TriangleART is the result of many ears of research and design refinement by our team. Components and materials are of the highest quality, sourced both domestically and internationally. 

The bottom decade is covered by a high efficiency Acoustic Elegance 15 drive unit in a walnut vented enclosure with proprietary internal dampening for exceptional transient response, easily able to match those of the mid range and treble units.

The solid walnut horn, mounted above the bass cabinet, is driven by a Beyma 6.5 inch wide bandwidth cone driver and covers the frequency range from 200 Hz to 1.6 kHz.

The treble range from 1.6 kHz to well above the the limit of human audibility (60 kHz) is covered by a RAAL “true” ribbon tweeter.

This “trinity” of selected drivers and their associated loading techniques combines to a high efficiency ultra wide band loudspeaker with exceptional transient response and clarity unmatched by any other loudspeaker in its price range.

The METIS is suitable for operation with both solid state and vacuum tube power amplifiers, or both! The mid range and treble drive unit inputs are separate from the low frequency driver input through the crossover and accessed individually for either bi wiring or full bi amped operation if desired. Thee is no need for an electronic crossover. From the factory the METIS comes with jumpers installed for normal single pair wire operation.

The crossover is constructed of the highest quality Mundorf components and due to the unusually low crossover points for both the mid range and treble drivers, is configured as a fourth order type (24 db/Oct) for safe operation of the drivers with high powered amplifiers.

The METIS will will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles and will work flawlessly with any sources and amplification preceding it. Having been voiced with TriangleART components however, this is naturally what we recommend!


  • Full range passive: 3 way loudspeaker
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 60 kHz
  • Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohms
  • Efficiency:               95db, 2.83 Vrms @ 1M
  • Drivers:
  • Woofer:                    Acoustic Elegance  15 inch
  • Mid range:               Beyma 6.5 inch wide band cone driver
  • Tweeter:                  RAAL true ribbon tweeter
  • Loading:
  • Woofer:                   Reflex loaded
  • Midrange:               Horn loaded
  • Tweeter:                  Direct
  • Crossover:
  • Type:                      3 way, 24 dB / Oct
  • Crossover Points:  200 Hz / 1.6kHz
  • Dimensions:          160 cm Height x 50 cm Width x 50 cm Depth
  • Weight each:          95  kg / lbs210