Trilogy 914 Balanced Preamplifier

Trilogy Audio Systems writes: A show debut for this new product the 914 balanced preamplifier once again benefits from founder Nic Poulson’s pursuit of transparency and true fidelity.

Using our favourite high transconductance 6H6П super tube to articulately voice all gain duties. Three separate transformers one for ancillary control electronics, one for the valve’s heaters and one for the high tension supplies minimise interaction and maximise musical return.

Thorough implementation of circuitry design and considered technology is evident throughout the 914. 3 balanced and 3 RCA inputs are provided. With ease of use a trademark of Trilogy products the rotary dial and large red LED display thanks to our own firmware make control simple to access and a joy to use.

The 914 is of rare quality, it offers both supreme flexibility and peerless construction. Above all, it is the sublime musical performance that will convince you of its rightful place; at the very heart of your system.

Conceived, designed and meticulously engineered entirely in Britain.

Come and experience Trilogy exhibiting with our good friends @wilson_benesch and @computer_audio_design at the Festival of Sound in the 1st floor conservatory. We’ll be delighted to see you there!”