Trinity Audio flagship DAC further info

Few more insights into the Dietmar Trinity DAC, that is making quite a stir among the high-end exotic DAC owners. Many don’t know, that Dietmar design since more than thirty years outstanding high-speed, low noise, mixed mode signal electronic. 
Trinity DAC of all the clock rate is not in the ms range with a master clock of 24.576MHZ, but 192kHz x 8 times LIANOTEC= 1.536MHz=0.006510417ms. All clock lines a double terminated balanced LVDS or LVPELC transmission lines with almost no RF radiation. Only the last 10mm are single ended lines, which are designed with an very low ground bouncing. All PCBs are 4 layer PCBs whereby the outer layers are pure (thick copper) ground layer, which work as a very effective shielding.
Enclosed two Pictures one in the frequency Domain and one in the time Domain, which show that the TRINITY DAC even without any analog active low-pass filter has no spurs at all in the output spectrum.