Trinity Supreme high-end audio rack

Trinity Supreme modular high-end audio rack designed primarily for TRINITY devices. Each level comes with different stainless steel round bars and spring-loaded feet with the flexibility of the spring is exactly calculated according to the weight of the base plus PA. The four vibration damping feet have a resonance frequency of 3Hz!
The spring loaded feet have the lowest resonance frequency and are normally designed for huge microscopes with a high zooming factor. Without a vibration damping platform you would get “motion blur”, if you look trough the microscope. This reflect to the know zoom effect of the  camera, where its hard to get a stable image.

These feet are designed to reduce the room vibration and can go down below 20Hz. The spring can damp vibrations in all directions horizontal and vertical. They have a very good damping up to 7Hz and an excellent damping above 7Hz. The damping measurements were done with Wilcoxon measurement instruments.

The four stainless steel plates have two functions. First they spread the load and second they have a small impression for the ceramic ball in the feet of the PA and adjust therefore the position of the PA on the plate.
They are made from the same material, which it was used for the TRINITY Reference Power Supply Conditioner, but in this particular design, black finish was chosen instead of white marble.
The rack was designed primarily for TRINITY devices, which have all power entry modules on the left side.