Ultimate Audio Ultra High-end set up at Portugal Audioshow 2014

Ultimate Audio Ultra High-end set up no. 1 at the Portugal high-end AudioShow Lisboa 2014. Another extreme take on high-end reproduction by Ultimate Audio. These time with VTL electronics and Marten speakers.  Enjoy the 20+ picture set of out of this upper echelon system. More info is coming soon. Stay tuned…

Setup 1
Speakers Marten Coltrane Supreme II
Monoblocs VTL Siegfried II
Preamp VTL TL 7.5 MK III
DAC CH Precision C1 with power Supply X1
Media Player Aurender W20
Turntable Rui Borges Turntables Ultimo Mk2 with Kuzma 4 point Tonearm and Cartridge Ikeda Kai
Phono VTL TP 6.5
Cables Mamba Audio
Power Conditioner Mamba Audio RAT TRAP
Tripoint Troy Signature