Jörgen Nilsson’s Ultimate Sound & Music full fledged TAD system in Sweden at their official showroom/studio. Take a look at great photos… Nilsson writes: “For our celebration of the 25th anniversary of my company in this November we decided to update the room with both new products and newly made inventions for  acoustics. We also changed the rooms finish and colours. Our mixing and mastering engineer Henrik Alsér has made a very unique acoustical treatment that you can’t see in these pictures. He has a new way of measure acoustics that is very very interesting. Because his both a musician and recording/mixing and mastering engineer he has felt big problems with rooms in studios. It is very often over damped. His new invention must be hear to be believed. It will take several hours to describe. But this is one of a kind I can promise.”

Down below is the special TAD Reference system setup that you can see in the pictures:

  • We have the brand new reference speakers from TAD. The mighty R1-TX with the special isolation feets from IsoAcoustic GAIA Titan Cronos. 
  • CD/SACD and DAC is the TAD D600 reference 
  • Preamps are the TAD C600 reference pre amplifiers. But in a very special mono configuration in this setup for lowest possible distorsion and infinite channel separation.
  • Poweramps are the TAD M600 reference amps with special oak shelf with IsoAcoustic OREA Bordeux to prevent vibration to the mono amplifiers.
  • Cabling is fully balanced through out.
  • Interconnect cables: Siltech Triple Crown and Siltech Royal Signature Princess
  • Speaker cable: Acoustic Zen Absolute Shotgun
  • Power cables Acoustic Zen Gargantua MkII
  • Power condition: IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic