Unreleased Hank Williams?!

This is one of those special, precious gems from the past being brought to the present with gears and tools not available before. Osiris Studio got their hands on unreleased, original Hank Williams 16″ transcription discs and used contemporary noise reduction software to clean it up and make it much, much more palpable sounding. More then worthy reading…
“When I got the call from my friend Cheryl Pawelski at Omnivore Recordings to do the audio restoration and mastering for recently discovered Hank Williams recordings, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I mean, really, how cool is this?  Unreleased Hank Williams?! Cheryl said that the recordings were in pretty rough shape, but like so much of the work that I do, they are the only known copies in existence, so I worked with what I had and made the best of it.  The recordings, all taken from 16″ transcription records, had already been transferred and digitized, and were sent to me the next day. They were indeed pretty rough.”

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