Veddan Speakers Customization.

Veddan introduced its online configurator. In an immersive 3D environment, customers can design a personalized Atom or Origin that will complement the interior of any room, from a living space or listening room to a home theater. 

An eye-catcher in the home

“The configurator is the next step in personalizing our speakers,” says Rens Timmermans, Veddan’s product manager. “In addition to adjusting the speakers to the room and the user’s hearing, customers can now ensure that the speakers will blend seamlessly into the room’s interior. This makes our speakers not only perfect for playing high-quality sound but also an eye-catching piece of home decor.” The configurator can be found at

Tuned to space and hearing

The Veddan team offers personalized sound for everyone who purchases a set of Origins or Atoms. Upon delivery, the team can tune the speakers to the acoustics of the listening room, taking into account factors that can affect sound quality like furniture placement and room shape. They also adjust the speakers to the user’s hearing, so they can find the sound that works just for them.

Veddan and the Ultra-Fast Membrane Technology

About seven years ago, a group of engineers decided they could improve upon the sound quality of music playback. They believed audio should faithfully recreate the artist’s original vision in the recording studio. Unsatisfied with existing techniques, they decided to change course and develop their own technology.
After years of research, design, and testing, Ultra-Fast Membrane technology came into being. Instead of the usual speaker cones, Veddan speakers are equipped with UFM modules. These modules consist of a 3D printed frame, with a tensioned membrane on both sides controlled by a powerful motor. This allows the UFM modules to capture 99.5% of all frequencies between 20Hz and 24 kHz. A custom-made high-end woofer is used only for the lowest bass frequencies. Together, these create a unique, crystal-clear sound.