Vermeer Audio is pleased to announce the availability of the Model THREE: “We have developed the THREE model as a more affordable version of the TWO and equipped it with all the features and options demanded by customers for a 21st century integrated DAC. 

“The model THREE is a Digital Control Center with a complete state-of-the-art volume and balance control (Leedh Acoustical Beauty Volume control ), a high-end network player ( ROON Ready is in the works ), a complete DAC ( including I2S/HDMI input ), and a headphone output for those who want to play music without waiting for a complete amplifier and speaker system. 

As with the TWO model, the THREE is 100% handmade in France from high-quality components.

Please note that the model THREE is only available with the streaming/network player.” 


Digital inputs:

–       1 Spdif/RCA (PCM 192 Khz/ DSD 64)

–       1 Spdif/Toslink (PCM 96 Khz)

–       1 AES/EBU (PCM 192 Khz/ DSD 64)

–       1 USB (PCM 384 Khz/DSD 64 & 128)

–       1 I2S via HDMI (PCM 384 Khz)

Network player module:

–       Network input via UPnP-compatible RJ45 connector ( PCM 384 Khz/ DSD uncompressed stream 64/128/256 )

Headphones output:

–       Dedicated amplifier for headphones output, minimum impedance 8 Ohms, recommended 16 Ohms.

Analog outputs:

–       RCA stereo output, max. 2 Vrms

–       XLR stereo output, max. 4 Vrms

Overall dimensions (millimetres):

Model THREE :

–       404 W x 329 D x 113 H

Package :

–       575 W X 575 D X 215 H

Total weight :

 –       9 Kg