Today’s exciting unpacking. The Vertere Acoustics Pulse-HB Hand-built USB Digital Cable from the mind of Touraj Moghaddam and his team. This should be very interesting…
Based on Pulse-HB Technology, the Pulse-HB Hand-built USB Digital Cable utilises a proprietary shielded Data conductor pair and a separate shield wrapped Power conductor. Carefully twisted together they are then overall shield braided and outer jacketed to produce this amazing USB cable.

Every Pulse-HB Hand-built USB cable is meticulously tested and listened with against the original master reference cable to ensure the best performance from computer audio.

Type / Description: USB 2.0 Data/Digital Cable
Termination and Length : TypeA / TypeB 1.00m (Additional lengths in 0.5m steps)
Cable Type: x2 Data, Separate Power, x1 GND
Conductor: High Purity Copper
Plating: Silver, Tin
Insulation: PTFE, PVC
Shield : x2 Main Braid + Inner Wrap
Connector Vertere Reference Special
Shield Management: No
Size : 6.0mm Dia.