Vexo Hifi Model LP-PS mkII Line Preamplifier is the result of advanced and maniacal research by the Vexo team. It uses fully balanced and pure class “A” circuitry and combines the best of modern tube technology, supported by separated, oversized and fully stabilized power supply.


– Special SRPP+Power driver configuration without negative feedback.
– True fully balanced tube (no discrete components or integrated circuits).
– Double chassis (line preamplifier and separate power supply).
– Encapsulated and resinated toroidal transformer.
– Secondary transformer exclusively dedicated to auxiliary and control functions.
– Stabilized filaments voltages.
– Anode voltage with rectifier tube, LC inductive filter and transistor stabilization.
– Balanced volume control (four channels) with relays and very high stability and precision (0.1%) resistors, operating via 80-step remote control. Volume level displayed by an analog indicator.
– Input selection with double cutting relay to isolate the common signals from the input sources.
– 10 Years Warranty (excluding tubes).