Vid Jamnik & Mediterranean Connection

I’ve finally managed to visit Jazz Ravne evening event with Vid Jamnik & Mediterranean Connection at beautiful surroundings of  Ravne Castle park. This time Jazz Ravne hosted Slovenian Israeli quartet consisting of two Boston Berkley College of Music Boston students Vid Jamnik (Slovenian vibraphone wunderkind) – Gilad Baraka (guitar) and Luka Benčič on double bass accompanied by drummer Jože Zadravec, student of Klangenfurt musical Conservatorium. Quartet played some of their original compositions followed by few jazz standards. It was mesmerising musical escape enriched by the passionate interplay of performers. 
I’ve met some old good friend expected to be there and refresh ears with a lively musical impact. Live music in natural surroundings is always great reference and never an easy task to perform. It just reminded me how rarely we hear such energy transfer with high-end audio systems. 
In few years Jazz Ravne managed to embrace some of the most prominent contemporary jazz artist and host quite few legendary musicians. Of course nothing would happen without endless enthusiasm and hard work of two true music loving giants; Robi Jamnik in Franc Kokal. I’ll write more in due time with the upcoming events. 

Short video after the jump…