Audio Therapy UK writes: “First unveiling of my demonstration pair of Vimberg Amea Loudspeakers, with a custom brass bezel and badge they look a million dollars and stone cold out of the box they sound like ten million dollars, within 2 tracks the customers was making comments along the lines of ‘these are the best speakers I’ve ever had in this room by a mile’. “

“They simply disappeared from sonic view, with the 220mm passive radiator on the rear of the cabinet the Amea have the weight and scale of a much larger speaker coupled with incredible speed and agility, for those who may not have the budget or space for a Mino or Tonda, the Amea are devastatingly good and pack a serious punch! 

Using Solidsteel SS5 stands to great effect as well, although the dedicated Vimberg stands are on their way.

Vimberg have done it again!”