Visit at Kim San with FM Acoustics system

Bandung in Indonesia is a short two hours flight journey from Kuala Lumpur; a town famous for her all year round ” cool’ temperature( 20-25 degrees Centigrade +) a previous holiday refuge from the heat of Jakarta by the Dutch colonial rule. It is a matter of so close yet so far … that in Bandung – I heard the very best sonics of a highly experience 37 years gentleman; Kim San with a dedication and heart and soul to put up this highly talented FM Acoustics system. Kim San with a down to earth character, also taught me about matching, listening to musical instruments articulation; room acoustics, resonance control and the rich music of various artists. Forget about HIFi per se – every piece of music we play was like having a concert ticket to each performance – from Classical, jazz, latin and rock; from a 1 hour session , it became a non stop 7 hours of listening.
A trapezoidal room dimension, Kim San mention that his room acoustics that he did was through many years of experimentation. There will probably no such room in the world, “When is the last time after a hifi listening session; you feel refresh and rejuvenated ; forgetting the world around; …when I came out it was close to dark …we forget even to talk about equipments from the reference top FM speakers, to the full FM ‘s pre,phono and pre ; source from two Linn Sondek LP12 turntables playing on different arms and cartridge to cater for different records; Stereo& Mono! “This is one rare occasion”.

Photos and text by Paris Ng Kwok Chyuan